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7-1-20 A Message from The Reverend Charles "Chuck" Alley


Life in this world is marked by a certain amount of ambiguity, and we have learned to deal with that reality. In some areas of our lives, we have even experienced that a little ambiguity can be positive. Yet when what we have come to believe are the "givens" in life are called into question, and we do not any longer know what the immediate future holds, we experience dis-ease. This is where we are as a nation as we approach Independence Day 2020, and where St. Bartholomew's is as the congregation says good-bye to its Rector, Andy Dunks.
I can clear up some of the ambiguity, at least for your immediate future as a congregation, by letting you know a bit about your priest for the next six weeks. I have been a priest for 28 years-23 as the rector of a church in the west end of Henrico County. I also was your supply priest for two weeks last September while Father Andy was on vacation. My wife Scottie and I live in Raintree, and we are the parents of three grown and married children. Also living in Raintree are our youngest son, John, his wife (Kim), and their two children. He is a teacher and track coach. William, our oldest, is an Army Chaplain working for the Chief of Chaplains at the Pentagon. He and his wife (Jessica) live in Stafford, VA, and have four children. Our middle child is Catherine, who is the mother of three children and married to Andy McPherson, is in nursing school. They live in Centerville, OH.
As for the ambiguity about the world and the evolution of our corporate worship opportunities, we will be walking through these together in the presence of God and under his direction. Until further notice, we will be continuing the practice of "Spiritual Communion" via Zoom, and we will intentionally pray for God's healing Spirit to descend on our world and heal our wounds. As Father Andy said in his last sermon, we are called as the Church to be warriors for Christ and shield-mates for our neighbors. In both cases, our proper and most effective position is on our knees wielding our hearts.
Yours in Christ,

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