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This Week At St. Bart's Dec 6, 2017

 This Week At St. Bart's Newsletter Nov 1 2017

 This Week At St. Bart's Newsletter

A message from The Reverend Andy Dunks

Lights in the Darkness 

I drove to church earlier than normal on Sunday morning.  It was still dark when I hit the road for the hour's drive to Richmond. Charles City/New Kent, where we live, is largely rural and poor, but even here there were Christmas lights scattered among the ramshackle houses and storefronts, still turned on in the quiet early hours before dawn. Not gaudy lights, nothing extravagant, much less professionally-done; just a few haphazard strands in the windows. Humble decoration, reminiscent of the little tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. 

I found it strangely moving to view these little lights, and I wondered why as I continued my drive. Why spend money on Christmas lights when you don't have much money to spend? Why add to the electric bill by leaving them on all night, when few if any will see them? I think they are an expression of hope.  God is with us, even when life is hard, and He is working out His good purposes for us, so we'll put up some lights to proclaim our hope. And we'll leave them on all night, because His work so often unfolds "behind the scene", quietly and secretly like the night, while we, after striving to serve Him during the day, rest in hope.

"O that you would tear open the heavens and come down", pleads Isaiah. "Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; show the light of your countenance, and we shall be saved... Give us life, that we may call upon your Name" echoes the psalmist. In Christ, God has answered this prayer; He has indeed come down to us and given us life. And He will indeed come again on that last great Day, not in a quiet night in Bethlehem but in a blaze of glory, to make all things new. The season of Advent invites us to remember both of these saving events. I wish you a blessed Advent. May you work in hope, watch in hope, and rest in hope.







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Spiritual Formation Groups 

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Adult Sunday School Group 

The Adult Sunday School class is beginning a video and book series called The Case for Christ by Lee Stroebel. All are invited.

Monday Night Group (at St. Bart's) 

Meets on Mondays for evening prayer at 6:30 PM followed by dinner and study. 

Wednesday Day Group (at St. Bart's) 

Meets on Wednesdays from 10:30 to 11:30AM at the church. The group will be studying A Beginner's Guide to Prayer, by Michael Keiser, and Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom. Both are available through Amazon.com.  

Bible Study - Little Sisters of the Poor 

Wednesdays 2:00-3:00 pm at the Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home (1503 Michael's Rd.). They are studying the Psalms. 

 All are invited to any of these groups. 


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