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Your Opinion Counts!


As Fr. Andy settles in at St. Bart's, he would like to know your opinion! From tme to time, a new survey  will be announced in the "This Week at St. Bart's" email that is sent every Wednesday, and will be posted here. The first two surveys are described below:


Service Booklets
St. Bart's used to offer Service Booklets as an alternative to using the Prayer Book. They included the entire service, minus hymns and scripture that changes weekly. Do you want St. Bart's to offer updated Service Booklets? Click here for two quick questions.

Bible Challenge & Adult Sunday School
Do you attend (or are you considering attending) our adult Sunday School that occurs between the Sunday services? If so, would you like to use that time to discuss The Bible Challenge readings? Everyone could come with questions and comments about parts of the readings they found most interesting (or the parts they had time to read.) Click here for three quick questions.

The Rt. Rev. Susan Goff Consecrated July 28, 2012
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