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cŏn-sĕ-crāte (verb) To make something holy by offering it to God.


Consecration Sunday - Frequently Asked Questions 
What is this all about?
       It's about what we often call Pledge Sunday, Commitment Sunday, Loyalty Sunday, or the Annual Appeal.

So it's about money. What difference does a new name make?
       God instilled in us a need to give. Your priest and vestry believe that emphasizing this truth is more important than convincing members of the church's need to receive.

A need to give?
       Yes. Giving is at the heart of God's nature. Since we are made in God's image, the same trait is in us. When we give anything (love, concern, time, money) we exercise an aspect of our divinely-created self.

I still don't see much difference. Churches have to pay their bills, church members have to give their fair share.
       The emphasis is different. Rather than thinking, "What is my fair share of the church budget?" ask yourself, "God, what are you calling me, as a disciple of your Son, to offer for your use?" On Consecration Sunday, we hope you will consecrate a portion of your money by offering it to God.

What will happen on Consecration Sunday?
       During our services, we will have a period of quiet for prayer and reflection before the offertory. During that time, some may fill out their Estimate of Giving Card to place in the offering plate. Others may just think. A celebratory potluck feast (with a sumptuous main dish provided by the vestry) will follow, and we'll announce the total from all cards returned.


I need more time to think before making a financial commitment.
       Many people will want to consider their projected finances for the coming year and discuss the matter with their spouse. (We urge you to discuss it with God as well as family; i.e. pray about it.) To allow advance time for those who desire it, we will place blank Estimate of Giving Cards in the church for the two Sundays before Consecration Sunday.

What if I can't be in church on November 6?
       On Monday November 7, we will mail cards to all who have not picked one up. We ask you to return yours as quickly as possible. The vestry will need all estimates of giving in order to construct the 2012 budget.

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