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A Vestry Update


An Update from the Vestry

 There is great news about steps towards accomplishing our Capital Priorities. First, when you get to church on Sunday, you will see that the window has been replaced ahead of schedule.
     We are excited to let you know that we have engaged contractors to do significant repairs to the roof and replace all of the exterior doors. This work will be scheduled for later this spring. Your ongoing generous support; a generous, unrestricted $10,000 donation; and the Vestry’s good financial stewardship makes moving forward with these projects possible.
     We are eager to complete and present the full case for support that will include several remaining Capital and Operational Priorities. This case for support will serve as an appeal to each of you and friends of the parish. As always, thank you for your encouragement, generosity, and faithfulness.

Your Vestry

Cam Oglesby, Sr. Warden
Cindy Reynolds, Register
 Rob Etheridge, Barbara George, Gloria Manning, Janet Putnam and Susan Ross

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