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Daily Devotions in Your Inbox


Daily Devotions in Your Inbox 
Lent is a good time to begin, or begin again, the habit of daily scripture meditations, and these are some I have found helpful which can be set up as daily emails.
Forward Day by Day
On this site you can get our daily scripture readings, a meditation, and a link to some of our short daily services from the Book of Common Prayer.  Good for beginners. LINK
Brother, Give us a Word
A brief daily meditation by the monks of an Episcopal monastery (yes, we have a few). LINK
Orthodox Quote of the Day
Short and sweet. LINK
Worship Fully Today
This is a very brief and very practical scriptural meditation from a growing Roman Catholic parish. A great beginner's resource. LINK
The Morning Offering
From a Russian Orthodox monk, this includes a daily reflection some spiritual topic, with photographs, and their daily scriptures (scroll down for them).   Very interesting and useful. LINK
The Bible in One Year
This is a reading program with extensive meditations by The Rev. Nicky Gumbell, an evangelical Anglican priest.  Always practical and encouraging. LINK
Daily Readings with C.S. Lewis
Lewis was without a doubt the greatest theologian and spiritual director the Anglican Communion has produced.    Quite profound, though some of the selections are from Lewis' fictional works, and thus may not make sense to those not somewhat familiar with the stories. LINK

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